* Internal Theft Prevention
Scheduled Shopping


* Handwriting analysis
Writing is a reflection of ourselves.
Through the handwriting expert is not only simple comparisons of letters or numbers in similar forms or mixed, if not see that it is writing the main features distinguishing the secondary.

* Secure Communications
Balancer strains.
Voice Scramblers.
Release and disturbing sounds.

* Voice analysis
Automatic identification of voice (SAIVE)
Voice stress meter (ASV)

* Sectarian Phenomena
The sects are totalitarian movements, which often take the form of association or cultural group with a religious vocation.

* Analysis of genetic fingerprinting
Each DNA fingerprint obtained can be compared with others from the same or another person, with the aim to determine with a very high percentage or not the relationship between them.

* Installing hidden systems (CCTV)
Installation and maintenance of hidden surveillance systems.
CCTV cameras in black and white or color.

* Specials
Timelapse video, IP video cameras, and DVR Systems Via Radio-IP.Contact

At A & M we are Private Investigators, Commercial Investigators, Experts, Journalists, Computer Consultants and other professionals who work depending on the customer contract and as the object of research.

Our object is to provide the necessary tools to obtain evidence to help you make the right decision in any circumstance you might encounter.

Our Clients are both institutional and private.
Among the institutions are multinational industries, law firms and others.