Watches at hotels and resorts, control over employees. Special attention in boxes of bar and restaurant service. Questionable behaviours. Pre-labour. Recruitment. Personal events (conferences, presentations)


Work behavior

Detection of negligent conduct by the employee, director or partner, through which the company can see its image damaged, or economic activity.

Patents and Trademarks

The Trademarks is one of the main assets of a company.
Imitation, puns and counterfeiting can cause major losses in the total turnover of the company.

property Location

Research on equity, interests in or management bodies of companies.
Work activity. Reports of standing. Location of a judicial. Insolvency sham.

Urban Leasing

Duplication of homes. Using local housing or undeclared purposes. Sublease not consented.

Insurance and Mutual

Injury Verification

Dynamic controls. Remarks. Physical activity. Patterns of behavior. Progress Report.

Alleged theft and robbery

Causes and circumstances of theft and fire. Exaggeration of damage. Civil liability.

Research and reconstruction of traffic accidents

Reconstruction of the circumstances of the accident. Damage assessment. Investigation of the circumstances and statements (driver-attendants).Contact

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